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Savers in Ireland have been met by less than satisfactory returns for some time now. However, it has not stopped them putting their money away. In the 12 months to November 2020, Irish customers put €13.4 billion in banks and Credit Unions. The increase obviously has been helped by the Covid Pandemic as the population has less chance to spend disposable income. Savers are now facing the chance of having to pay to have their money on deposit.

As we move out of lockdown, people are becoming more optimistic for the future. However, it is a future that is different, most Irish people do not want to go back to the old way of living. Instead, they hope to spend more time with family, exercise more, enjoy a slower pace of life. And it is the same with our money – 55% of us plan to be more careful with our finances, we want to ensure we have some money put away – just in case the unexpected happens again.

Savings Plan as an alternative to a traditional Deposit Account?

When you do not intend to use savings within the next five years, a deposit account is the wrong place for it. You should consider instead a Regular Savings Plan with a life insurance company, such as Aviva, Zurich, New Ireland, Irish Life, etc. This is a much better place for your long term savings.

Similarly to your deposit account, money is drip fed into an savings account. The money is then invested in the Life Companies range of Multi Asset Funds, which are very popular with Irish investors. These allow you to invest in a diversified mix of assets (for example equities, bonds and property) which helps to spread the riskiness of your investment.

What are the Benefits of a Savings Plan

  1. Compound Interest

Compound Interest or the snowball effect. The power of compounding is the snowball effect that happens when you receive returns on your past investment returns, and on your original investments. While you may start off small, you can end up with something much bigger as your investments gradually gain momentum. With time and patience, compound returns have the potential to give your savings and investments a massive boost.

  1. Flexibility

Save from as little as €75 per month up to a maximum of €1,000 per month. You can vary your regular payments if you need to and make lump-sum injections. Tailor the plan to your needs with a wide range of investment funds. Access to an extensive range of investment funds with varied risk profiles.

Who is a Savings Plan Suitable for?

If you intend to save regularly for at least five years, then a savings plan is ideal for you. You want the potential to earn a good return on your savings, and you also want the flexibility of being able to access your savings without penalty.

This option is particularly suitable for Children’s Education funds.


Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up. Warning: If you invest in these funds, you may lose some or all of the money you invest. Warning: The income you get from this investment may go down as well as up. Warning: These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.


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