MadeSimple is a digital financial education and financial planning platform. We use technology to facilitate a more personalised and environmentally friendly financial advice service from the comfort of your own home.

Personalised Pension & Financial Benefits Report

While the MadeSimple pension and financial information seminars have been received very well, they do not represent advice. Everyone’s circumstances can be quite different and hence our free financial report service has received equally as much interest.

The MadeSimple Financial Planning service aims to make financial planning accessible and easy to understand for clients. Our unique financial planning formula is based around Three main questions. These appear as very simple questions, but how you answer them can be indicative of your financial future.

The 3 Financial Advice Questions we answer for all clients
  1. What happens if I make it to retirement?
  2. What happens if I get sick and am unable to work?
  3. What happens if I die prematurely?
  • MadeSimple uses secured online screen sharing technology

  • You get a personalised financial planning report for FREE

  • We do not need to meet you in person

  • You choose the time and place to talk

  • You have full control of the advisory process

  • There is no sales pressure, and you have time for consideration

Financial Education

The main purpose of MadeSimple is to de jargon pension and employment benefits for employees in Ireland. 

Since March 2020, we started the MadeSimple free online seminars with teachers, HSE, university staff, city & county council employees and other public sector bodies. These seminars have surged a huge interest and demand for our educational service in areas where employees value our expertise. We are proud to provide peace of mind when it comes to retirement planning and life protection. Employees worry about:

  • The effects on their pension of breaks in service, subbing and part-time work.

  • Uncertainty about maternity leave and sick leave.

  • How much to save in their AVCs and PRSAs and how to draw them down in a tax efficient manner.

  • What happens to their pension income if they retire early?

  • If they have previous pensions or changed employment between private and public sector?

  • Is their income protection plan adequate should they get ill?

  • How to apply for a mortgage?

MadeSimple’s 4 Step Process

1. Get To Know

Together we will complete a Fact Find to understand your circumstances.

The purpose of an Enquiry Form is to gather information about your financial situation and your goals for the future. This is the initial step towards creating a financial report for you and getting on the right track. What does an Enquiry Form look for and what information you will need to provide? When we first have a chat over the phone or Zoom, etc., we will give you clear instructions what you need to do.

You have an option to complete the Enquiry Form online in your own time through a secure portal. We will send you login details.

Alternatively, we can arrange a call to compete the Enquiry Form together.

2. Bring your plan to life

We will provide you with a concise and easy to understand Needs Analysis report.

Once we have completed the Fact Find with you, we run a report and analysis. On the basis of this report, we will give recommendations how to reach your financial goals. It will give you great peace of mind to know what you have done right so far and where we can help you improve.

It will take us a week to produce your personalised report. Therefore, we will need to set up a call over Zoom to discuss the report and recommendations.

3. Put your plan into action

You will tell us what’s important to you and together we will make it happen.

If you decide that you need additional cover to protect your lifestyle now and into the future, we will search the market to provide you with tailor made plans to suit your needs and offer the best value for money.

We can complete all stages of the application process with you online, so you won’t have to receive any complicated and bulky applications in the post.

Normally, we will not require you to physically sign documents. We can handle everything through our online digital signature technology.

4. Continual

We will hold regular reviews to make sure your needs are continually being met.

When you have set you financial planning goals and put an action plan in place, it is important to regularly review this plan to make sure it continues to meet you and your family’s needs. In the first year, we will complete a short 15-20 minute review online/over the phone, every 4 months to make sure you are happy with your plan and it is meeting your needs.

After year one. we will complete a more in depth annual review with you each year on the anniversary of your initial plan. This online/over the phone review will take approximately 45- 60 mins and will ensure that the plan you have set in place, continues to meet your financial objectives in life.  Our continual support is offered free of charge and available more frequently if you feel you need it and is always done online/over the phone at a times that fits into your schedule.

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