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financial education - teacher pensions

The main purpose of MadeSimple is to de jargon pension and employment benefits for employees in Ireland.

MadeSimple hosts free online webinars on financial topics including pensions, investments & savings, mortgages, budgeting and life protection.

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Schedule of Webinars

Webinar Date & Time
Teacher Pension & Financial Planning – Post 2013 Entrants 7-2-2023 @17:00
Teachers Retiring in 2023-2024 (What to do Before & After) 7-2-2023 @19:00

Teacher Pension & Financial Planning – 1995-2004 Entrants

8-2-2023 @17:00

Get Mortgage Ready Webinar

8-2-2023 @19:30

Teacher Pension & Retirement Planning 2004-2012 Entrants

9-2-2023 @17:00

Teacher Pension & Financial Planning – Pre 1995 Entrants

9-2-2023 @19:00
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Financial Education Materials

Income Protection Insurance Explained

Why not watch our Income Protection Insurance explainer video which explains the importance of income protection.

Early Teacher Retirement Guide

View and Download the MadeSimple Early Teacher Retirement Guide and learn how teachers can retire early without getting hit in the pocket.

AVCs Explained

Why not watch our quick explainer video to help you understand AVCs better.

Financial Health Check Calculator

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