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The main purpose of MadeSimple is to de jargon pension and employment benefits for employees in Ireland.

MadeSimple hosts free online webinars on financial topics including pensions, investments & savings, mortgages, budgeting and life protection.

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Teachers Retiring in 2022-2023 (What to Do Before & After) Webinar

This webinar is suitable for teachers in both primary and secondary schools considering to retire soon.


The webinar will take place on Thursday, 9th June at 18:00 and again on Thursday, 16th June at 18:00. The webinars are free of charge; however you need to register to book your place.


Eamon Lynch, Expert Public Sector Financial Advisor, CEO of MadeSimple Financial Advice


  • Your pension – how is it calculated?
  • How much will you take home after tax?
  • AVCs – what are they? How can you access them? What are your AVC options at retirement?
  • Class D PRSI and how to secure an entitlement to the Contributory State Pension
  • Options for your gratuity

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