Inflation Proof

MadeSimple is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Protection Broker Expert Award 2022.

Broker Expert Awards

The Broker Expert Awards aim to shine a light on excellence through recognizing Insurance and Financial Brokers who offer the highest level of professionalism, innovation, performance, and service to their clients.

The overall winners of each category will be announced at the Broker Expert Awards gala ceremony event on Thursday 17th November 2022 in Croke Park Stadium, Dublin.

Our Mission

The main mission of MadeSimple is to de jargon pension and employment benefits for employees in Ireland.

As well as providing financial advice, we empower public and private sector employees to take control of their financial well-being.

What We Offer

Since March 2020, we started the MadeSimple free online seminars with teachers, HSE, university staff, city & county council employees and other public sector bodies.

Over the last two years, we faced challenges trying to meet with our clients and help individuals become more financially fit.

Due to these challenges, we have adapted our service offering, and developed an innovative and online solution to deal with these issues.

As a result, we offered free online webinars and seminars that have surged a huge interest and demand for our educational service in areas where employees value our expertise.

We are proud to provide peace of mind when it comes to retirement planning and life protection.

Equally important, our services include:

1. Financial Planning


2. Public Sector Pensions


3. AVCs


4. Savings and Investments


5. Income Protection Insurance


6. Life Insurance


7. Mortgage Protection Insurance


Finally, we would like to thank all our clients and followers for supporting us throughout the years and your continued feedback and support has helped us to provide excellent service for all our clients.

What Does the Financial Planning Review Cover?

We review all your pensions and calculate what your retirement income will look like. Based on that analysis, we can recommend a course of action so you can maximise your benefits. Very few employees we talk to have entered full-time employment from day one and stayed with the same employer for their whole working life. Employees call us worried about old pensions, career breaks, job sharing, working abroad, etc. Things are never straightforward until we produce your free report. This is a fantastic no obligation review of your financial wellbeing.

We find that often employees do not fully understand all the fields on their payslip. This can lead to problems, such as not being on the right salary scale point for public sector employees, or not using all your tax breaks correctly.

Whether you need to protect you family’s future, mortgage or plan for inheritance taxes, it is key to have the right insurance policy for your needs. Furthermore, as part of the report, we will search the market for the best prices out there.

If you have more than 3-6 months pay in your bank account (your emergency fund), you are faced with questions how to use your money wisely. Should you increase your pension contributions, open a savings account for your children’s education, invest in bonds, etc.? The MadeSimple report makes these questions much easier to answer taking into account your tax position and financial objectives.

Step 1

You – Complete a short online application form

Step 2

We – Generate your personal report that outlines your current benefits.

Step 3

Together – We schedule a review online (we use Zoom, or a platform you may suggest) or over the phone to discuss what options are available to you.

Start Now! Book Your Review

After we complete the review, many employees are delighted to have their options regarding pension planning, salary protection, life protection, savings and investments explained to them so clearly. Not only that, but we can also set up policies for you all online in a very fast and efficient manner. 

Get your complimentary, personalised review today! You have nothing to lose!