MadeSimple Savings & Investments Plan with You in Mind!

If you have more than 3-6 months pay in your bank account (your emergency fund), you are faced with questions how to use your money wisely. Should you increase your pension contributions, open a savings account for your children’s education, start making investments, etc.? The MadeSimple report makes these questions much easier to answer taking into account your tax position and financial objectives.

Step 1

You – Complete a short online application form (approx. 2 mins).

Step 2

We – Generate your personal report by a Qualified Financial Advisor. The report provides recommendations for a savings/investments plan based on the information provided.

Step 3

Together – We schedule a review online (we use Zoom, or a platform you may suggest) or over the phone to discuss the report and what options are available to you.

Let’s ask you a few questions to help us prepare an Investments & Savings Plan for You

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